Online Video Marketing (Part 2): Websites or Blogs – Where Do You Feature Them?

Online video promotion for being a vehicle to market your company, goods, and services, is growing exponentially. There’s been a massive growth in organizations using marketing videos to promote their organizations. It’s the most recent and most effective method to showcase your own company.

If your site features a products/services aspect and also a blog, where’s your ideal location to place your videos along with exactly what type do you make?

Post Video Marketing Tools in Your Website

Post a video from the president of your company presenting him/herself front and centre on the webpage of your own website. Seeing who’s anyone behind the “veil” of business branding creates trust and relationships. Videos add that the “human touch” that’ll influence customer loyalty.

Various studies have demonstrated that organizations which use marketing videos entirely in their internet sites have unquestionably influenced or raised conversion prices. Videos in your own residence and landing pages will be prime realestate for video positioning.

Videos hold your web site’s customers’ attention longer than the three or four seconds they may zip through reading your headlines or checking out your photos.

Using videos on your business blog brings in bonus appeal. If you are a solo marketer, putting your face, voice, and personality on a consistently published video blog creates the brand-YOU- that becomes more and more recognizable for your customers.

When visitors come to your website and watch you tell them about how you help them with solutions to their pressing problems, it grows friendships and loyalty. The relationship you cultivate is that your customer is not alone. Your expertise helps solve their difficulties.

Videos posted on blogs are more:

Expert advice

Video blogs or “vlogs” are a little more casual than business website videos. These create opportunities for instant recognition by your customers that you, the expert, and your products/services are the answer to their prayers.

Websites AND Blogs: Promote on Both

Online marketing videos belong in conspicuous and specific places on your business website and your business blog. This method of attracting potential customers attention, holding their attention, and binding them to your company will promote growth and affect sales positively.

Happy, satisfied, loyal customers will be quick to post your appealing videos on their Facebook pages, Twitter tweets, and in their emails to others. The word will spread- that your products are the ones to invest in, promoted by people who “understand” you.

If you aren’t using website marketing and advertising videos onto your own site or site, do you afford to render people possible profits on the desk?

Benefit from the proven means to market and promote the most useful of


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