How to Operate a Bread Machine


Some of the older brands are no longer around, but the basics of the bread makers are generally the same from brand to brandnew.

First of all these bread makers come in small, regular and large sizes that make one-, one and a half-, and two-pound loaves of bread. Pour cups of water into the mixing pan, which also serves as the baking pan. A small pan will hold about 8 cups of waterand also a regular pan will hold 10 cups and a large page will hold 1-2 cups oven roti.

Each bread maker has one or two mixing paddles. The bread pan is situated to make a vertical loaf with the types of machines that have one mixing paddle. Those that have two paddles will make a horizontal loaf of bread. Since bread is typically sliced, the configuration of the bread pan is a personal choice but probably not a deal-breaker.

Pour 3/4 cup of cold water into the assembled mixing pan. On top of the water add two cups of bread flour. On top of the flour add 1 teaspoon salt, 1 1/2 tablespoons sugar, 1 tablespoon dry milk, and one tablespoon butter. Add on top of those ingredients inch teaspoon of dry yeast. Turn on the unit and select a regular loaf or normal setting. If there are multiple settings, make a note of your selection so you can judge whether or not to change the settings for the next time.

Ideally, the flour should cover the water entirely so the yeast doesn’t have a chance to get wet until the ingredients are supposed to be mixed. The recipe above makes a regular-sized loaf of white bread.

Some bread makers have panels with appropriately labeled buttons, as opposed to a small screen. Buttons are used to select the bread cycle or type of bread you are making. A time display may indicate the

left in the bread cycle once it starts.

The bread maker will no doubt have a brand name and that’s all you’ll need to find a little more help. Search “bread machine” + “manual” + “brand name” in your favorite search engine and chances are good that you’ll be able to locate a copy of your machine’s manual. It would be worth getting a copy of the manual as many of these manuals have recipes worth knowing.

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